So pleased to meet you.

Wow. I’m giddy! I was introduced to a new character on my drive home. She’s thirty-eight years old, single, overweight, and about to have to face a demon (in the form of her rapist / uncle…I KNOW, I was just as upset as you are) from her childhood.   She chatted to me through the pain of a minor heart attack.  FOR REAL – a freakin’ heart attack. I’ve never had a character have one of those before.  She’s fine, but of course, the bulk of her story will be spent getting healthy, over coming traumas and such. I don’t know how to handle her story so it doesn’t come across as too clichéd but oh well. I’ll let her tell it to me first, then during re-writes, I’ll go back and see if I can’t put a spin on some of it.

Man. You have no idea how joy inducing this feels. Well, maybe you do if you’re a creative. We creatives tend to get just silly when our Muses send us these little sparks or flashes.  My mind is racing, I want to get to know her better, but alas, I’m one of those who hears the voices AND then writes. I go where my characters direct during the drafting phase. I won’t resume control until the initial draft is done and it’s time to do the re-write – first round edits. Until then, I’ll just have to listen out for her to send me the next notes or scenes. I think she’s going to be some what of a hoot, we’ll see.

Oh boy.  That makes two stories I have in mind to develop during NaNoWriMo this year.  Ohhhh, scary thought. What if I were to attempt 50K words on BOTH at the same time during the month.  That would mean producing 100,000 words in 30 days.  Let’s see.  Anything’s possible, but good goodly, forgot about the dream trip I’m taking to Belize that month. I’ll have my lap top, and most evenings I imagine I’ll have plenty of time to knock out 3,334 words.  I know one writer who could probably do this with her eyes closed (I’m looking at you Cassidy). It’s nothing for her to have a day where she pulls several thousand words from her purse as if they were nothing more than a piece of peppermint candy.  I don’t know what I’d have to do to get my characters on board with that. They talk to me as they see fit. Anytime I’ve tried to force the issue, they go away and leave me writing blog posts about, well, all kinds of weird things that most often don’t have squat to do with the story at hand. But who knows, they may catch the competitive vibe – each one perhaps wanting to be the first one whose draft gets finished first.

Oh well, only time will tell, eh? I’m so excited.  4502717571058

7 thoughts on “So pleased to meet you.

    1. (lol – “crikey”…love that expression) I KNOW!! Can you imagine? I’m sure that between the blog, status updates when I was on FB and tweets when I was on Twitter, plus the bits and pieces of whatever story I was working on, perhaps totaled 100K words in a month, but to make a concentrated effort to toss that many down…honestly, it freaks me out, but at the same time, I’m seriously kicking the idea around.

      How many words do you think you’ll end up with once both books are finished? You and Cassidy both tend to write this EPIC novels so I would think 100K wouldn’t be as daunting a task for you ;-).

      1. Lol, both? The Core War series is going to be at least fifteen books long, not including any shorts and flash fiction in between. Trying to finish the other bits set before (Rowlandos, encyclopaedia, et al) so I can concentrate purely on the war series! Alas, this is eluding me.
        Frontlines currently stands at around the 60K mark, and I haven’t even touched the last twelve to thirteen chapters. Gotta plan the second yet!

      2. Hehe, don’t worry, Adam’s not done for a long while yet! What’s that song? “Carry on wayward son, there’ll be peace when you are done.” Pretty much sums things up.

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