Book Review – Les Miserables, Part Deux

The ending.  Okay, so I was right there with all the human condition exploration; doing what’s right even when it means you may be, oh, I dunno…arrested and thrown in the galleys.  But good googly, the heart wrenching last words; the barely making it to the death-bed with nothing but forgiveness and love.  Have to admit, for me, that’s where I skipped a few passages. I’m definitely one of those folks who does not want my action / adventure to include a sappy, near tragic, type love deal show up at the climax. Would have much rather Monsieur Hugo have wrapped that up, then ended with an explosion or two during the rebellion.  Sue me, I’m just not a romantic type when it comes to my entertainment.  Despite having spent the last couple of hours while writing this review watching “chick-flicks”  – lol

It’s a long book but I recommend it. Especially if you’re a writer. There is so much to learn: vocabulary, pacing, how to make a description of a single character last a full les-mischapter ;-).  Seriously, while these might not be things you think about while you’re tossing together your latest work of art, particularly now that modern writing is so, well…not nearly as lavish or heavy on the prose.  Doesn’t matter.  I urge writers of fiction to read at least one literary classic in their genre. There’s rarely a better way to learn the craft than to see how the greats did it back in the day.

Not to mention, it is a fun read. The action, the intrigue, the touching human stories, all of it may be found within the over 800 pages of this written masterpiece.  If you read it, have read it, drop a comment below – let me know what you thought.  Oh, and for part one of this review, click here.

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