Finally, a post about my writing

(*shakes head, attempts to clear mind*)  Alright.  (*deep breath*)  I am a writer. Time to “talk” writing.  My Happy Place wouldn’t be all that happy if I wasn’t doing what I loved, hence the increase in blog posts as of late.  This one will highlight my current work in progress as a way of building some anticipation – if only in myself – for its release.  I’ll keep it short and sweet, making it easy to share (hint, hint).

Title:  Aphrodite’s Twin, A short story novella.  (I made up that last bit to describe how weaving short stories together creates a type of not-novel-but-long-novella.  As a creative, I can do that. Might not fit into the mainstream, but up to this point, that’s not been my desire 🙂 )

Oh sorry, back to the short and sweet.  *ahem*

Title: Aphrodite’s Twin, A short story novella. (Rated R, for sexual situations, some violence)


  1. Aphrodite’s Twin.  The story that binds them all together. It’s about a woman’s discovery that she really does have ‘a goddess within’.
  2. What’s Love got to Do With It?  Just because you feel a connection, that don’t make it love.  (Consider this the ‘Inception’ story as it’s the wrap around tale, within the wrap around tale 🙂 )
  3. A Mother’s Love.  A single mother, a gun, and twisted sense of responsibility collide in this tragic tale.  (The love child born when news headlines and song lyrics have a one night stand in my head.)
  4. Reunited (sort of).  What happens when he runs into the one who got away? Not what you’d expect.  (Another love child, this one produced when song lyrics got busy with a chapter from my life.)
  5. I Love You, Now Die.  Your typical boy assassin meets girl, turns her into an assassin, then girl shoots boy…you know, a love story.
  6. High Seas. One woman’s monologue regarding her search for love.
  7. As Far As Vampire Bites Go.  The not so glamorous side of being a real vampire.  :-).  Trust me, they don’t sparkle.
  8. Playmate.  Think 9 1/2 Weeks (Kim BasingerMickey Rourke, 1986. Any of this ringing a bell? If not, click here.)  from a different perspective.


Now of course, because this is still in the drafting / editing phases, some of the titles are more than likely going to under go a change or two. I’m also going to have someone much more adept at writing one liner synopsis come up with the ‘tag’ lines, if you will.  If you happen to have some skill in that area, please leave a comment. I’d love to perhaps work out a deal.

I’ve been at this draft for quite a while now. Since February of this year to be exact.  The ending has eluded me because, as it is with all my books, there’s a lesson I’m supposed to learn buried somewhere in the manuscript. So far, that lesson hasn’t been clear, but after last night’s meditation, I believe my Divinity may have slipped me a cheat sheet so hopefully, once I make the changes I have in mind, I’ll be done with the third re-write this weekend. Which means final touch ups happen next week, which means it can then be sent off for first round beta reads as early as the first week in September.   From there, I’m hoping to have it finished and in print by November, at which time I’ll be working to establish a meaningful release date – yes, there will be a party.

Here’s a snippet from the title story to wet your whistle:

That is not my child

But Zeus, I have mid-wifed the births of all the Gods and Goddesses. I stood by Hera’s side, held her hand as the creation of the twins came to fruition. None other than your wife, Goddess Hera herself, birthed forth these two babes. I cleaned them, swaddled them, with my own two hands, I

Enough! I don’t know by what magic Hera has clouded you, but all the power of the Gods I will strike you blind, deaf, and mute if you utter one more word as to authenticate that child as mine.

Yes sire.

Now, this one. She is of my fair skin, my chiseled good look and breeding. I will name her Aphrodite and because I love her so, she will be blessed to be the Goddess of Love and all the beauty that befits a child of breeding. Mortals will sing her praises, write her poetry, and offer up their very existence to feel her radiance in their hearts. This other, hmph. While I cannot siphon the Goddesses’ blood from her veins, I can strip her of its knowledge leaving her to spend her eternities unaware of her true nature. I will not name her and she is to be banished from Olympus.

Sire, you can’t…

Do you dare tell the ruler of all Olympus, the most powerful of us all, what He can and cannot do?

No, no sire, I…

She is to be banished, exiled to the humans below as far as I’m concerned. I will have nothing to do with this mockery.

What will I tell Hera?

You’ll tell her nothing. I will deal with Hera’s wrath as I always have. Now, be gone. Leave me to get acquainted with my child.

Yes sire.

Take that with you.

Yes, Zeus.


(at the far side of Olympus, in a small structure)

The Gods have no hearts. Immortal lives spent with nothing to regulate their actions, no consequences save what the Fates see fit to dole out. Makes them cruel. I’ve seen how He dotes on His many bastards, but the one time a twin is born of difference from His wife? Ugh! I throw up my hands to them all.

Be careful how you speak of my husband, Ophelia.

Goddess Hera! I, I didn’t,

I know. That is the point of being stealthy. I’m here to see my baby.

I was just getting ready to

I know what you are going to do and far be it from me to defy my husband. Again. Or be so direct as to keep the child hidden here on Olympus. I cannot lift my husband’s curse but I can ensure she is well taken care of. Deliver her to Nyame in the Western Kingdom.  She is obviously one of the Orisha. They will care for her since I am forbidden. It is my hope that one day, she’ll remember her true nature and that it was I who brought her forth. Now, quickly, do as my husband commands before I weaken.


(in the Hall of Nyame, Western Kingdom, Heaven)

Hmmm, I was wondering if the Goddess of Love would have a duplicate. Welcome Ophelia. I see Zeus still has you doing his dirty work.

Good day your Highness. And yes, I am still in service to Great Zeus and his brood.

Well, as always, a pleasure to see you. Now, bring me our new Goddess. Hmph! What is this blasphemy? She’s been cursed!

Now, Sire, please. Do not take offense…

Do not take offense?! Zeus has over stepped His right in this matter. He has never dared to raise His power to one of ours regardless of who produced them. We have certainly been more than gracious in the rearing of the fair gods and goddesses born to us!

Yes, indeed you have. But this was the first-born of Zeus’ wife. He took it personally.

If He weren’t my image, I’d march into Olympus and rend His head from his prejudiced neck.

I completely understand. I wished momentarily that I had the power to do so myself. Imagine, denying your own child. It sickens me how arrogant and self-centered they’ve become.

I am afraid there is much of that spreading through all the Kingdoms. Odin is having his share of troubles with his adopted son. Here in my Kingdom Wulbari and his minion Anansi are constantly testing my patience with their antics. But no matter. We have a new Goddess in our midst. I will find ways to keep her spirit safe. We’ll do what we can to ensure her legend is spread. Now, if you’ll excuse me, Ophelia, I beg your leave as I tend to the babe.

Thank you Sire. Goddess Hera said you would know exactly what to do.



If I’ve managed to pique your interest, questions, comments and such are most welcome.  I’ll respond fairly quickly ;-).  You may note, I’ve taken some liberties with the mythology of three nations of people.  There will be more detail in the foreword to the book.  In the meantime, again, your questions are welcome in regards to which legends and such I’ve drawn the names from. Thanks for coming by. Chat’at’cha soon.


8 thoughts on “Finally, a post about my writing

    1. HA! This is no where near busy for me when it comes to the writing. As I continue to shake off the blues, I’ll be juggling a couple of new stories and of course, NaNoWriMo is “just” around the corner ;-).

      1. Oh God, Nano, still haven’t finished last year’s one, and that was meant to be the first in the series, with this year being the second!!! Gulp!

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