Divine Intervention (original March 28, 2013)

This originally appeared on my old website. Decided it had some good info in it so I’m re-posting it. 🙂 Enjoy!

Do you believe in God? I’m the first to say I believe in a “higher” power but not as it’s represented in most (so called) organized religions.  Too much human tampering and interpretation and using “The Word” to justify some downright deplorable / criminal beliefs and behaviors throughout history, to suit me.

My belief isn’t as structured or steeped in material ritualism.  I believe in things like Karma, the idea that what you put out in the world comes back to you in some way, shape, fashion.  I believe that all living things have a spirit; I believe in the power of words to make a physical difference in people’s lives.  That’s why I tend to talk less in most situations and prefer instead to write – that way I can choose my words more carefully to match my intent.  I can edit the message I share so it does more good than harm, regardless of the situation.  And, for the point of this post, finally, I believe that my writing is really a form of Divine Intervention.

Since making the decision to fully embrace my passion (a.k.a. my writing) for telling stories, I’ve been on this journey of spiritual discovery that, until very recently, I wasn’t fully aware of being on.  In other words, when I made the conscious decision to become a PUBLISHED novelist, I thought I was just finally going after a dream I’d held, for the most part, secretly since I was eight or nine years old.  What I didn’t realize is through my love of writing I was going to finally get in touch with the Divinity I believed in. There have been times in my life, for the sake of continuity, I’ll call these experiences “Divine Intervention” – where whatever was going on, some force or other stepped in to keep me from harm’s way or in some fashion, teach me a valuable life lesson.  While one or two have been frightening, all without a doubt have been instrumental to my survival and I’ve been grateful for each one. I believe though that my Divinity wasn’t as thrilled with how I came out of those experiences.  Oh sure, I was grateful, I was maybe a bit more open to Her guiding influence, but even I have to admit, I wasn’t quite getting the point.  Hence the repetition of MOST circumstances in my life.

So, next up, here comes my Muse.  I first met him when I was twelve.  He wasn’t quite adept at working with children so for the most part, after two big ideas (my first short story / play which I later directed and starred in, and my first ever erotic piece) he left; perhaps telling my Divinity on the way out to call him when I became of legal age. I believe the two of them are either related (perhaps brother or sister) or my Muse works for my Divinity.  However it works out, I know they’re in cahoots.

You see, my Divinity somehow gives my Muse direction as to what ideas he is seduce me with Front Book Cover(hence him fleeing my life until I was old enough to handle his particular brand of inspirational technique).  Each story my muse has driven me to finish has in some way, included messages I believe to be from my Divinity.  Lessons she was working to teach me that I just wasn’t getting so she sent them to me via my characters, in a format she knew would catch my attention.  In Hello Diva, it was the interlude, where Charise has no choice but to…wait, have you read it yet? Best not to give too much away then.  If you have read it, then you know what I’m talking about. That whole section made me aware of what I needed to do in order to finally embrace my physical appearance as it is.

I could say all of Breaking Point  was written to help me process what I experienced in 2012, the year of the emotional upheaval. My lead, Caitlyn and I had both been pushed to our limits and in writing her story I found my path to healing.  I’m not going to tell you if she finds her way or not.  You’ll just sample front cover 1have to read it to find out.  Throughout  my healing though, I have discovered a sense of self-worth that no doubt, my Divinity has been trying to show me for a LONG time.  Now, having finally embraced it, she’s sent me a few tasks to complete.  Now, before I would drag my feet, ignore my Divinely designed “to-do” list; most times doing the opposite.  Hence being on the merry-go-round that has been my romantic and financial lives.

Not this time though.  Since taking the lessons of the writing I’ve done so far, to heart, I’m now taking the Divine To-Do list seriously.  Using the techniques I’ve learned in the past three weeks, I’ve faced many a fear and put myself in situations to receive the Divine lesson / blessing, whatever it may be.  And guess what? In just the past three weeks, I’ve had the opportunity (which I took) to have a commercial professionally shot and edited (FOR FREE) for what is now, clearly, Nowata Press, a Publishing Consulting business.  .

Of course, who knows how things will turn out, but at least I’m FINALLY moving forward. Let’s hear it for Divine Intervention!

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