Yes, All Women.

Because I find it so difficult to express my fear. Read this. Things have GOT to change.

Improvisations on Reality

It’s easily the most powerful Twitter hashtag I’ve seen in a while, powerful enough to have earned mention in Time magazine and CNN.

It was in response to what happened in Santa Barbara. I won’t recount it; it’s been in the news enough, and the responses have ranged from inspiring to absolutely vile.

The purpose of the hashtag is to highlight the misogyny women face every day, however subtle, however small, and yes, men are the perpetrators. Please don’t cut in with “Not all men are like that!” – the men that aren’t like that are in the incredibly scant minority, and most of them get to the “not like that” point only when a close female in their lives, whether mother, daughter, sister, girlfriend, wife, aunt, cousin, has gone through something that forced their eyes open. Not all men are like that, but all women have been treated like…

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