Welcome Home

The alarm went off at seven a.m.  She turned it off with eyes closed, a smile sitting comfortably on her lips.  It was April 17th. He was coming home. She had twelve hours to finish getting things in order. At least she’d have a lot to keep herself busy. It would make the time go faster.

Her cell phone came to life, breaking the silence with the clear sounds of Insatiable by Prince.  With eyes still closed, smiling even broader now, she grabbed it from the night stand.  Quick push of the talk button, “Good morning Sir.”

“Good morning Ana.”

“Everything’s in order for your arrival.”


“Would you like anything in particular for dinner, sir?”

“Steak. Rib-eye to be exact.”

“Yes’sir.  It’ll be warm enough to grill them to perfection.”

“Sounds good. I’ll see you promptly at seven.”

“I’ll be ready, sir.”

“I love you Ana.”

“I love you too.”


She didn’t know how he did it, but when he said he’d be home by seven, that’s what he was going to do. Traffic be damned. Nothing would interfere with his schedule. She loved that about him.  He’d been back from this last deployment for a couple of days. Obviously he’d passed his physical and psych evaluation.  They’d released him to come home.  Being a Marine, Recon Division, had him coming and going at odd times, and often away for a year at a time – all without a moment’s notice.  She’d be lucky to get an email letting her know he was still alive. Any day he was gone that the grey sedan with the two Marines in dress blues didn’t pull up to the curb in front of the house, was a good day. Days like this though, were the best.

She heard the alarm chirp as he came in from the garage.  It was precisely seven o’clock on the nose according to her meticulously timed Seiko diver’s watch. He’d bought it for her when she graduated with her masters. They stayed synchronized no matter where in the world he was.

She turned on the shower, setting the temperature and adjusting the spray on all six heads. By the time he opened the door to the bathroom, there was just enough steam to lend the scene a dreamy quality. He stood in the doorway. Six feet, two inches of massive Marine grade muscle. His uniform crisp, defying the steam’s ability to soften it.  She wouldn’t run into his arms, but it didn’t take her long to make it across the expanse of the bathroom to end up in his open arms. He’d only been away seven months this time but it felt more like twenty-seven, but then again, the familiarity of him in her arms erased all time.  He could have just left that morning.  He kissed her on the forehead. She smiled up at him, then dropped to her knees to remove his boots.  The gesture still made him uncomfortable but it was a tradition they’d started in the early stages of their marriage. He proposed before basic training, they married as soon as he graduated. He’d come home after crazy hours of duty too tired to do more than fall across the bed, exhausted. She’d take off his boots, help him take off his uniform, then tuck him in until it was time to get up and get started.

With boots in hand, she kissed him on the cheek.  “Dinner in an hour sir.”



She was just putting the finishing touches on the salads when he strolled in to the kitchen. He never lost that military sharpness, but there was some softness to the jeans, tee-shirt and sock combo he had on. She smiled. He smiled.

“The steaks are there, just off the grill and just the way you like them.”

“They smell delicious. Did you grill some mushrooms and onions too?”

“Of course, sir.”

“Mmmm.  I’ll set the table.”

As they ate, she talked about what she’d been up to while he was gone. He asked about the guns, the knives, she assured him that all were in working condition.

“Excellent.”  He took her hand, gave it a squeeze. “You are amazing. Shall we head to the bunker now?”

“I think we shall. I’ll get the dishes in the morning.”

“Very well.”


He rubbed her body with the warming oil.  He’d found it on one of his sojourns to Asia.  She’d developed some circulation issues awhile back and this was the one treatment they’d found that kept the blood flowing, her muscles warm and loose enough, so that she could stay in the bindings without discomfort.  His application of the oil, then affixing the straps was foreplay.  The harness fit around her breasts, pushing them up to arousing effect.  It wrapped around her back, cradling her shoulders, with a supporting wide strap following her spine.  Another couple of straps joined at the small of her back to wrap around her waist and thighs. They pulled in such a way as to leave her legs spread, her sex open to pleasure.  Once she was securely ensconced, he’d attach the cables which with the flick of a switch would, with the help of an elaborate pulley system, raise her to whatever height from the floor.  Her naked body, suspended from the ceiling, would then become his playground.  Having just come back from a mission, tonight’s session was sure to be over in a couple of hours.  He’d been away long enough that his need to come inside her took precedence over teasing her to an extensive number of orgasms. There were sure to be unintentional bruises, his thrust was enthusiastic; she could tell he was happy.


As they lie in bed, his head resting on her breast, the beat of her heart lulling him to sleep, she finally shed tears of joy at his safe return. Holding him as tightly as she could, a whispered, “Welcome home soldier” was met with a contented, “Hoorah”.

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