Divinely Inspired – random typings

Let go.  You clinging to old beliefs, old hurts, old accomplishments, past fears, mistakes, heartaches, great loves, all of it, stops you from moving on, moving up.  Holding on stops the healing no matter how much time passes. Time alone isn’t enough. Especially if by holding on you keep the thing that caused the wound within easy distance of harming you again. If you let go then distance grows between you and the healing process begins. You must let go to gain the needed distance.  Let go and run from that thing, that memory, that person, that situation.

Once I write it in a story that I’m letting something go, it’s gone. Guess who is the latest to serve as a model for a character?  No harm comes to him. In fact, it’s almost word for fictional word what happened between us. But instead of holding on like I did for the past two years, my lead character learns faster and she lets you go within months. I’m following her lead. Nothing but open hand, open arm, open heart, open soul meditation.

If I didn’t think it would harm the already fragile state of our atmosphere, I’d release helium filled balloons – all colors and sizes – to represent the things  I’m letting go of. Memories of the bullying, the lost children, the emotionally abusive, the so many unrequited loves, my father, the gun barrels, the violations, shouts of racial slurs, subtle discriminations; the fears, insecurities.  ALL OF IT would be affixed to a balloon and LET GO.

Wonder why healing brings me to tears?

So, that is what’s called a brain dump.  I could take it, re-work it so it more closely resembles a “proper” post but I want it to stay the way the Voice spoke it inside me. I hope you get what It was trying to tell us. I wish you love and healing. 

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