Hey – how ya doing?

I do not own this image
I do not own this image

So, here it is Saturday, and I’m taking a break from inventory (yes, at work) to jot a few lines.  I’ll head off to grab some lunch, then come back and do my physical count.  After that, it’s data entry, sending of the reports and I’m out to enjoy what will be left of the day.  I don’t mind coming in the one Saturday a month its going to take from now on to get inventory done. It’s less hectic and I can get things done at a reasonable pace without any interruptions.  Well, except for those that come from the people in my head.   They were up until almost one o’clock this morning, chattering to me about their various ideas and such.  Oh, and then there’s this pain in my back that won’t let me sit still or lie down for any real length of time. That kept waking me up from two o’clock this morning till I finally got up to come to work and now, sitting at my desk, every few minutes it seems, I have to get up to stretch, and then find some new way to sit until the muscles decide they’re tired of that position and sound the pain alarm.

I’ve got a lot going on in my body this morning, eh?  That’s sort of why I’m posting.  I have to get all of this OUT so I can get the rest of my to-do list done.  My ADOSS (Attention Deficit…Oh, something…Squirrel!)) is so easily triggered that unless I give the voices and such their say, they will drive me to distraction to the point where NOTHING gets finished.

I’m taking a Facebook hiatus; I’ve disabled my Twitter account and I’m in the running for a scholarship to Marie Forleo’s B-School training where she’ll impart the secrets to running a successful business online and

Don't own the rights to this one either.
Don’t own the rights to this one either.

beyond. If you’ve got a minute, to that last point, I’d appreciate if you gave the video a quick visit.  B-SCHOOL W/ MARIE FORLEO VID BY Dana Myles.  It’s not so much a popularity thing so no need to flip the “like” button unless you really want to.  The number of views count though so feel free to share the link :-).  Wait, where was I?  Oh yeah, I got rid of cable a few weeks ago.  The TV has been on maybe five times in the last three weeks versus daily from 5 to 12 hours.  The silence at first messed with me, but now, the voices are back and they’re doing wonderfully to fill in the blank space.  My Muse and my Divinity are so excited to have my full attention again. They sent me a new book idea last night close to midnight.  I took some notes.  I’m sure I’ll have a more solid outline by Sunday.  Fingers crossed I get into B-School because the book will be part of my business at that point.  So excited.

I think that’s it.  No, wait, one more thing.  I use the word “and” too much in my writing.  I must look at ways around that.  Any suggestions, resources you’d recommend? Thanks.  Now – that should do it.  Going to go grab some lunch, then finish up here.  You guys have a great weekend!

Nope. Didn't take this one either.
Nope. Didn’t take this one either.

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