Ready? Set…

Well, I still have two plans to finalize before midnight tonight as tomorrow marks the first day of WORK on this year’s achievements. I’ve got all but my Coaching marketing and my finance plans in place. Good thing I cancelled cable a week ago, eliminated a major distraction in doing so, which gives me more hours this evening to actually focus on getting those last two plans together.

Want to see what all I have coming up?  Check this out…

  • Reading appearances / sales / signings –

*** Tuesday, Feb 4th.  Write Room @ MacKrakens

*** Thursday, Feb 27th. Book Release @ Kat’s Cafe

  • Possible guest appearances on these great blogs –

*** Ellie Mack

*** August McLaughlin

*** Danielle Taylor

  • 21 Day Self-Value Challenge (from Kate Northrup’s book, Money, A Love Story) – write down three specific things I value about myself for 21 days straight
  • 28 Day Positivity Challenge – post nothing but positive stuff to my wall the entire month of February
  • Complete first four weeks of 12 Week Work Out Program – weight training to strengthen my bod
  • Finish script (television adaptation of my novel Breaking Point) – 15 pages a week
  • Complete 8 session of 30 min yoga (classes on YouTube)
  • Put away $15.00 toward September trip
  • Buy concert tickets and hotel package for July and August trips

Whew.  Looks like quite a bit when I list it out like that but instead of being afraid, or having to fight that little “nay-sayer” in my head, my heart beats with that “kid at Christmas” anticipatory strength. My CDFs are primed and ready to launch as soon as I take my first steps toward seeing these activities through.

As Danielle Laporte says, “The journey has to feel the way you want the destination to feel.”  in other words, working to achieve needs to feel as good as achieving…just walking the path of my Satin Sheet Diva Experience calls forth my core desired feelings, so whether or not I accomplish all that I set out to, I’m still going to feel my desires and that my friends, is bliss.


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