Wait, what? It’s almost February?

Man, all the old adages come to mind about time flying and such, but what it boils down to is, it’s almost February. Which is kind of cool :-).  You see, I gave myself the ENTIRE month of January to plot, plan, scheme, and dream.  The idea was to give myself plenty of time to develop individual plans of action resulting in the completion of 4 major activities this year. You could call them goals, but I’m on my Core Desired Feelings (The Desire Map – GET IT!) cruise, a.k.a. The Satin Sheet Diva Experience, and so I don’t want to use “resolutions” or “goals”.   I am BECOMING the woman I DESIRE to be.

So, for the past four weeks, I’ve been working on how to end the year with the following activities with check-marks in the “Done” column.

1. Earn an additional $ 2,538.00 a month.

2. Travel

3. Move my body more often

4. Begin lessons in a foreign language (I chose Portuguese)

In between those high notes, I want to become her – the woman in the picture there on the right.  Yes, I know it’s a picture of me, but when I look at that picture, I see a 12 15 12woman who is confident, attractive, at ease in her skin; she knows her self-worth, has clear-cut boundaries, and above all, lives the life she desires.  Que the transformative music.  You see, that’s her.  That’s the “ideal” me – the one who I’m working to be.  She whispers to me in the voice of my Divinity.  She tells me if my steps are leading me toward her or away.  She scolds me when I’m allowing someone to devalue me and she sends me such loving warmth when I’m honoring who I am.  Or rather, who we are.

Meanwhile, I called on her, my “ideal” self and asked how we were going to work our jelly to make those desires realities. She coached me and we came up with some solid plans.  All of them set to kick off February first.  Which, at the time of this writing is a mere day away.  I’m Aroused (CDF #1), excited, frightened – the usual mix when one first starts off into the unknown.  Not that any of those things are “new” to me per se.  I mean, I’ve done them all in some way, shape or fashion.  It’s the results that aren’t readily discernible.  I mean, will I really be able to pull of what it takes to earn that extra income the way I desire to?       ***through my writing, in case you were wondering, but if the truth be told, I’ll take a pay raise on my day job, or a higher paying job, as long as the extra money starts coming in***  Am I really going to be able to pay for the FIVE (maybe six) trips I have planned?  I’ve talked so much about my plans to so many people, I’m worried about what they’ll think of me if I don’t succeed. But “failure” is an option anytime we set out to do or create.  I’d like to believe I’m prepared for success or lessons learned, I suppose we’ll see.

SO – he we are. On the verge of a new month.  If you’ve got a goal / dream / activity…something new you want to try but aren’t sure how to do it, I’d love to share some of my techniques, give you a pep talk or two, or just be there so you don’t have to take some of those steps alone.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress as part of my #SatinSheetDivaExperience.  I could use a little support myself, so your comments of encouragement are always welcome.

Oh, and since we’re here…

February 27, 2014 – Celebrate the release of my novel Breaking Point.  Join me at Kat’s Cafe, 970 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta GA.  I’ll be reading from all of my books, we’ll have a give away or two, then settle in for book signing and live music.  Doors open at six, reading starts at seven.   Kat’s has a wonderful food menu and a full bar.  I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

April 14, 2014 – I’m back at the Blair Caldwell African-American Research Library for my annual presentation at the Scholars, Scribes & Storytellers Author series.  This year, I’m chatting about the females in fiction and amongst my family and friends who have inspired my writing.   Talk begins promptly at six.

Summer 2014 – the newest release, The Table by the Sea hits the shelves.  Sneak preview available at the February and April events.

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