Reminder – No Buts, No Bullshit.

Portrait of a professional; someone who lives the No Buts, No Bullshit (no excuses) lifestyle.  I continue to be awed by her drive, her spirit and her skills. I’m talking about my hair stylist, Artavia Jones.  This morning, the metro area was under severe weather, tornado, and flash flood warnings.  My appointment was scheduled for ten o’clock.  I was there because, well, I’m hard headed and short of the apocalypse, there isn’t much in terms of weather I’ve met so far that would keep me from getting my wig put on.  Mind you, if I had looked out the window and seen Dorothy and Toto flying past, I might have rescheduled, but since they weren’t, all was right with the world; turned on the windshield wipers and off I went.

I’m sitting in the parking lot, thinking maybe I should give her a call, when she whips in, parks, and hops out of the car as if the sun is shining.  You can tell by her walk, there’s business to conduct and nothing was going to stop her from getting it on.  No stress, no drama, we are in the shop, chatting about life and her big plans for this year. She mentioned that I was her only scheduled client for the day.  She got out of bed, drove through the ugly weather not just for me but because as a business owner, it is important to her that her Open sign be lit and folks see that “come Hell or high water” she’s committed to having the salon open for business.  That struck my Divinity as quite profound and sent Her to Her happy place as it was a message She’s been trying to get me to internalize – show up and be about the business no matter what.   She then woke  my Muse and Baby, my imaginative personality and within minutes, my marketing plan for February was written.

Before I share it, I want to give my thanks and appreciation to Artavia.  She has no idea she’s doing it, and I’m positive I’m not all that good or clear at expressing it, but she’s been mentoring me since I got serious about my writing.  I’ve given excuses and not shown nearly the level of courage needed to embrace the opportunities she’s opened for me, but that was so last year.  This year, it’s all about the motto, No Buts, No Bullshit (no excuses).  It’s time to show up.

This is the marketing plan in a nutshell.  I will be extending more personal requests to individuals as I go along, but as you read this, if you see a space where you can extend a helping hand, I will gladly accept it.

In the center of the target is to sell four books a day for the entire month of February.  How am I going to do that? 

I’m offering to:

  1. Do guest appearances / readings / signings at your event (within a six-hour drive radius of the Atlanta metro area).  These appearances will be of no cost to you providing I have time, space, and opportunity to sell books.   I’ve done readings at bachelor parties and poetry slams. Let me know the theme of your event and I know I can find something in my collection of writing that will be appropriate.
  2. Discounts on the paperback editions or free downloads for book clubs with sales of five or more books.   Purchase 10 or more paperbacks and I’m happy to meet with your book club, do readings, Q&A, and sign copies for your club members.

I’m requesting:

    1. The opportunity to guest on your blog.  You pick the theme / topic and word count up to 1000 words and I’ll write a guest post.  At the end of my post I’ll include a brief bio and a link that would offer your readers a discount on the purchase of any of my books (paperback or digital) for seven days from the time the post appears.
    2. An opportunity to guest on your podcast / web-based talk show or radio show.  Same as with a blog, you pick the theme and topic and at the end of the interview, I offer your listeners a discount on the purchase of any of my books.
    3. Space to set up a small display of books in your business.  I currently have a display at the hair salon (again, thank you Artavia for the support); I’m interested in expanding. Along with the display, I’m available to come and do signings, Q&A, or just generally be on hand to chat with your customers and sell books.

And finally, I’m asking that, if you’ve read my work, bought my books:

  • please post an honest review on any social media you have access to and include either or all of these links:

  • if you enjoyed what I wrote, you recommend my books to your “romance-chick lit-women’s contemporary fiction “ reading friends.  I will gladly offer anyone you refer, a discount. For any two books that sell because of your referral, you’ll get a free copy of my new release (planned for summer 2014).   Let me know who you refer, via email, and I’ll give you the necessary discount codes.

To return the favor, I will gladly

  • Offer guest space on my blog
  • Extend the many discounts and freebies you see listed above
  • Work with you in any way I’m able, to aid in the promotion of your services / products / business
  • Give you my eternal gratitude.

So, if at the end of February, this didn’t work, then okay, I try something different.  But I’m going to keep at this; I’m going to keep writing, keep asking for help, keep pushing till I get where I want to be.  Nothing short of my death is going to keep me from showing up and doing what I need to do.

Thank you Artavia. Keep showing me how it’s done.

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