So, here we are

Hmmmm.  Here we are, the start of another year.  I was thinking I should post something profound and highly poetic in honor of the new year but well, profound and highly poetic are definitely not words I would use to describe my writing. Moving and transformative maybe, but those other three – uh, yeah…not so much.  So what should I write about? This being my first blog of the new year, I figured it should have something to do with where I left off last year – with my Satin Sheet Diva Experience I was telling you about, and how I’m all set to become the woman your mother warned you about.  But for real, it’s only day two and to be honest, I’m still working on defining the woman I am (becoming).

I’ve got a pretty good idea about the inside stuff – my core desired feelings, my beliefs, values, and such.  I’ve even gone deep into reading up on personality traits so as to better understand how I operate in the world. In case you’re wondering, I’m an ISFP and after reading The War of Art (Stephen Pressfield) and Quiet (Susan Cain), I have a really clear idea on what’s going to be best for me behavior and activity wise.  So yeah, I’d say I have the “inside” me all taken care of.  It’s the “outside” that has me stumped.  From the clothes I wear to how I should wear the hair on my head, I am at a loss.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I love the women’s fashion from the 40’s and 50’s.  The classy pant suits, the fitted dresses designed for women with real figures. I really like the “pin-up” look – sexy but not raunchy, and don’t get me started on the heels.  Granted, today’s heels are much higher but there is nothing sexier than a classic pump or a Mary Jane with some vamp thrown in.   I guess, if I were to sum it, I’m a Joan Crawford – Betty Paige hybrid with a goth-biker chick undertone, LOL.  I don’t have “extra” to spend on revamping my whole wardrobe – hopefully that will come soon.  So in the meantime, I’m making do with the few pieces I have that really speak to my true sense of style.  But then there’s the hair.

I won NaNoWriMo in 2008 with what later became my first full length novel and my first favorite piece of writing. Its final title was Hello Diva.  A funny, heart-felt story about a woman who struggles to find her self-esteem.  You see, she wasn’t the most popular of kids and didn’t have the best of home lives. By the time she gets a relatively decent grip on all of that, she starts losing her hair.  It’s definitely a fictional autobiography ;-).  Anyway, as my life somewhat imitates my art, I too have had to come to find my self-esteem and worth while dealing with hair loss.  My stylist (the oh so talented Artavia Jones, owner and master stylist at B4 ~N~ After Hair Salon) has worked magic as less and less of my hair makes it to each appointment.  She’s been instrumental in keeping my outlook positive and my balding pate stylishly coiffed.  Here’s a brief look at what I’m talking about.

Hello Diva – In Real Life

Yeah…my hair line is well, several inches (feet, lol) farther back than is socially acceptable.  As I began gearing up to make 2014 the year for the Satin Sheet Diva Experience, I started to worry that by wearing the wigs and weaves, I wasn’t being authentic.  That I was a hypocrite for wearing the fake hair instead of embracing the fact that I just didn’t have much hair on my head anymore.  In the book…wait, don’t want to give away a major plot twist.  Suffice to say my leading lady makes a big decision, ending up loving herself  more than even she imagined she could. It’s not easy and I gave her a strong leading man to help, but ultimately, its sheer force of will that brings her to a place of contentment. I’m not sure I can follow in her footsteps. I’m not sure I SHOULD.  After all, she is a fictional character, a figment of my over active imagination.  But if you know anything about me as a writer, you know that my characters, my leading ladies especially, are all parts of me.  The lives they lead are fictional representations of things that have happened to me.  So it stands to reason, that if they can go through the drama I put them through in my stories, and come out of it better people than before, I most certainly can do the same.

Right? Yeah, I’ve got to think more about it too.  I do know that at some point this year, the decision will be made as to whether or not I’m going to continue wearing the fake hair.  Might make for a really good publicity stunt if I decide to take my extreme mullet public.  If I do, then life really will be imitating art.

Whatever happens, you can be assured I’ll be sharing it here on the blog first.  So, stay tuned.  It’s going to be an interesting year!  And hey, let me know if you’ve decided to go on a Satin Sheet Diva Experience transformation of your own.  Would love to know I’m not the only one, not to mention I’d like to be able to offer some encouragement to you along the way.

Happy New Year dear readers.  Thanks for coming by.

2 thoughts on “So, here we are

  1. As usual your writing is very honest and heart-centered, a term I just coined. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll always be a beautiful person inside and out, full of vibrant energy and lots of spunky spirit. External appearence isn’t as vital as internal strength and power… so says Lionhead!

    1. Thanks Sebastian!

      Philosophical-type questions of the day – isn’t the external the visual representation of what’s going on inside? Shouldn’t they match in some way – compliment each other? People’s impressions are formed within so many seconds of “seeing” a thing so then the external becomes important…doesn’t it? 😉

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