No buts, no bullshit.

Awhile back I posted a question in my FB status that asked something like, “What is the one thing you want / accomplishment you’d like to make that when reached or obtained, it would fill you with joy?”  I may have gotten one response and it wasn’t an answer to the question. Come to think of it, most of my posts like that go unanswered and I wonder if it’s because people are scared to dream for things they think they can’t get or aren’t worthy to receive.  Hmmmm.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to share a moment of absolute AH-HA that I got from my Divinity this morning.  I’m on a big self-heal / self-love push right now and I believe all the elements came together last night to create a perfect storm of sorts. I’ve Desire Mapped, mantra – ed, yoga-ed, meditated, and read numerous posts, blogs, comments, and books.  Last night’s reading (just a few scant pages into The War of Art) lit the fuse and at five AM, the bomb went off with my Divinity shouting in my head,  “As long as you’re ALIVE.”

Here’s an exercise for you.  Grab a piece of paper, a writing instrument and answer the question, what’s one thing you want to do or have that upon achieving it or obtaining it, you will feel joy / peace?  Dig deep, go all out, dream big as they say.  Write that one thing down.  Now, list all of the things holding you back from achieving or having this thing.  Done?  Okay, let’s marinate on it for a minute while you read the next part.

I taught for a year at an alternative high school where the entire student population was in some how a ward of the court – they were all on probation for some juvenile offense.  There were students who would get high with their parents on the weekends, or come in drunk to class after having consumed a bottle of whatever on the way to school  To say this was a tough crowd could be an understatement.  I had NO prior training on being a classroom teacher. I’d run a workshop here and there in the corporate world and had taught adult learners at a technical college, but had no experience with 15 – 18 year olds who had for whatever reasons, been forced to attend an alternative school.  I didn’t let that stop me though and managed to survive; I had two students who excelled – raising their test scores to grade level and attendance from sporadic at best, to perfect by end of the school year. One of the exercises I did with them was to rid them of believing they “couldn’t” excel in school.  I started off with the question, “name one thing you can’t do.”  One of my students replied, “I can’t fly.” I pointed out that he could if he was in an air plane.  He shot back that he couldn’t afford a plane ticket.  I countered that he could if he had the money.  Of course, he came back with “I aint got no money.”  I responded that he could earn it.  For every excuse, reason, or “but” he gave me, I came back with a response to refute it.

All of that went through my head this morning because what my Divinity was telling me, was that as long as I’m breathing and have adequate brain function, there isn’t anything stopping me from gathering the resources I need in order to have, be, or do ANYTHING I want to have, be or do. As long as I’m ALIVE.

So, now go back to the list of things in your way.  Looks a bit different now I hope.  Instead of walls to reaching your dream, I hope you only see steps as there are surely ways to obtain the resources you need to get that dream accomplished, that thing obtained.  Hell, you can even fly…

I’m walking the walk, just so you don’t think I’m all talk and no action.  I’ve set my targets for 2014 (to be shared in an upcoming post) and am working on drilling down to the resources I need to gather in order to get there.  Along the way, I’m keeping my CDFs in view so that I’m sure to enjoy the journey.  I’ll be blogging what I’m calling The Satin Sheet Diva Experience  as it unfolds. My hope is that you’ll decide to start on your own journey and together, we’ll make 2014 a year when we accept no buts and no bullshit when it comes to being, loving, and accepting of our best selves.

2 thoughts on “No buts, no bullshit.

  1. “what’s one thing you want to do or have that upon achieving it or obtaining it, you will feel joy / peace?” to continue – I have felt joy & peace many times – obtaining it is not an end but part of a continuum.

    1. I tend to carry my joy and peace with me as well. But there are goals that I strive for that also bring those feelings and I’ve talked with people who have a “dream deferred” so to speak. I wanted to focus people’s dream thinking for a moment with the question. 🙂

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