Dreaming Like Nobody’s Judging: 10 Facts About Chasing Our Dreams

The Satin Sheet Diva Experience is definitely a dream I’ve had on and off for the past three years. Here’s to making dreams come true!

Girl Boner

Dance like nobody’s watching. I’m not sure who said this originally, but I love the message: Let go. Act crazy if you want to! Meanwhile, stop caring what other people think. Applied to our dreams and passions, the notion is pure magic. How about dreaming like nobody’s judging?

This week a dream I scarcely realized I had came into fruition, making me more grateful than ever for dreaming out loud. After appearing on Dr. Lisa Masterson’s radio show, Health in Heals, her reps phoned me, asking if I’d like to host a show of my own. Girl Boner Radio will kick off January 6th! I’m not sure I could be more excited. When I arrived at the recording studio for my first production meeting on Monday, I nearly cried. The place was decked out in sparkly decor as though my giddiness had materialized, and a grateful feeling of “You’re…

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