No, and you can’t make me.

I have not wanted to get out of bed all day.  Of course, I had to this morning, not only for my morning absolution but because check out time was at eleven and I figured since I was already up and moving, might as well pack it in and head home.  Once home, I resumed my prone position only to be forced from my sheets by my stomach’s insistence that sustenance be obtained. Once that was done, I returned yet again to my nest only then to be seduced by my Muse to begin a new novel (as if I wasn’t struggling enough to get my word count in for NaNo ’13).  SIGH.

ImageAll I really want to do today is curl up in my flannel sheets, lie in a diagonal direction across my bed, and watch the fantasies as they roll through my mind. Reality and I had a clash yesterday and today, I just wanted to forget it existed. But then there’s my off spring in need a ride from work as the buses on my side of this sprawling metropolis don’t run on Sundays (WTF?).  There’s also a soul shoring dinner with two of my besties.

If it weren’t for those last two, I’d be deep under cover impersonating a fitted bed sheet, hugging my mattress so hard it would squeak from the strain.

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