You’ve read about my work with The Desire Map process by Danielle LaPorte.  Hopefully you’ve clicked the buttons there on the right and read more about it, maybe even are trying it yourself.  I’m hosting a Desire Map Book Club as well so if you’re even remotely curious, your chance to find out what’s what is coming up.

But this post is in response to an article Ms. LaPorte wrote for Positively Positive entitled, “Wonder What Their Dream Is“.  Click it and read, I’ll wait.  (insert count down music to final Jeopardy question here – I’d do it myself but I’m not that technologically savvy).  Pretty strong article huh?  *ahem* Yes, well, as I was writing, this post is in response to that article.  I realized that while I tend to dream pretty big, I wasn’t dreaming specifically enough.  So I shut my eyes and tried to squeeze some detail into my dreams.  What follows is a result of that exercise.

I dream of sun drenched shores that sit within walking distance of my front yard.  A three bedroom, three bath house with lots of natural sunlight, energy-efficient everything, sun and wind power making things cozy.  Built of recycled materials and situated to withstand the harshest of hurricanes. It’s tropical, it’s Caribbean and it is safe haven six to nine months out of the year. I live there with family and loved ones when they can, a cat, a dog, and perhaps an exotic bird with a cute voice and easy disposition. 

 I dream of another house set in lush green foliage, a small garden in the back.  It’s the finest the village had to offer when I first got to England.  Not far from the hustle of London but far from the price and drama.  It too is three bedrooms, but only two bath rooms. Well insulated and secure.

 I dream of invitations to speak to young writer’s groups; wide-eyed and eager to put words to page, they ask me to help them navigate their way.  I’m the every body’s writer.  Not a Nobel winner, or even a Pulitzer prizer but I am a best seller and I did it one step at a time,  by my fiftieth birthday, not looking a day older than 35.

 I dream of my books written by me, published by me, and sold by me, to worldwide readers’ acclaim. Interview with Oprah is icing on the cake I’ve already baked and thoroughly enjoyed – it’s rich, velvety smooth chocolate lying satiny on my lips and taste buds.

 I dream of travel, even though flying scares me and disasters happen.  I dream I do it safely and with proper planning. I go just a few new places, always making stops in my favorites – Mykonos, The Caribbean, and England.

 I dream of an income that out paces inflation enough so that my family is secure, my retirement assured, my health covered, my travel paid in full, and my homes in good standing. It’s not extravagance that moves me but comfort and the freedom to worry about other things.

 I dream of book signings, full crowds, fun and energetic readings and presentations. My book launches that are well attended with champagne and fresh, organic, tasty hors d’oeuvres.   I dream of a daily schedule that involves writing, motivating, laughter, and honest forward momentum.

 I dream of meditation and yoga, weights lifted consistently and healthy weight maintained.  At peace with my presence in the world and the truth that eventual I will be a fond memory and so much ash in an urn.  I dream of my life where I am in the present feeling my core, surrounded by actions that bring my desires to life.  I am no longer my past, choosing instead to define myself in the present moment of accomplishments and fact without filter.  I dream I know how I feel and express it in ways that are beneficial.

 I dream of dancing with abandon, partnered or not. I dream of easy conversations with welcomed strangers in exotic places where my skin is not a hindrance.  I dream of giving back when I can; supporting the healthy development of strong men, women and children, who see themselves as equal to any, connected to all, responsible for self, and free to feel  to express and deserving of love.Back in the day

And now, I turn to you and with much curiosity, I ask, What is YOUR Dream?

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