Morning Pondering – for those of you who don’t see my FB page.

Back in the dayMy experience would have me believe that men (well, males in general) put a lot of energy into doing things, whether it be working out, taking care of or avoiding taking care of their children, their jobs / careers / studies when they have them, etc. They get sex when they can, as often as they can. They seem to put equal amounts of energy into avoiding intimacy – and I’m defining intimacy in this setting as the closeness that comes when lovers are connected emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

Which then lead to this pondering – do men ever crave that level of connection? Are they conditioned or genetically designed not to want or need that type of connection?

Which then lead to this – why do people expect casual, sexual encounters to be satisfying? You know nothing of the person you’re with. You have very little, if any, clue as to what’s going to bring them to that knee weakening state of arousal or that mind blowing orgasm. And they in turn, don’t know squat about your wants, needs, and such when it comes to sexual gratification. So why keep doing it? Why not go after someone you’re attracted to, who stimulates you on a lot of different levels and THEN get the skins?

Which finally brought me to the parking lot at work and one last thought that unfortunately I’m not going to share because y’all don’t need to know that much about me.

But what say you on this topic of men and intimacy?

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