Wondering where this came from.

Does the remembered sound of my voice still cause those ripples of sensation along your spine? 

You said it, that I’m sexy when I cum.  Well, I’m cumming now; back arched, legs spread and bent at the knees. Eye’s blissfully shut, as ecstasy shapes my lips in a pouty circle. Breathy moans roll across my lips.

“Mom!” (damn these minor interruptions)


“My date’s here.  Are you sure you don’t want to come to the movies with us?”

“Ugh.  For the last time, I am not going with you on a date.  That’s gross and pathetic.  Besides, I like being home alone on a Saturday night.”

“Uh huh.  Sure you do.  NOT.  Really wish you’d get out more.”

“Eh, so do I.  But single is as single does and right now this single lady is content with staying home, putting a few new words down in the journal, and watching a movie or two on cable.”

“Yeah, well, alright.  I’ll be home around one or so.”

“Okay.  You kids have fun.”

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