Bass Ackwards, the remix

I’m an independent author with four books to my credit.  The experts keep telling me to have a platform, accounts on all the social media and a blog that has a “theme” and provides readers with information.  Um, yeah.  About that.  I blog because I need an outlet for the voices in my head.  If I don’t write what they say, they’ll just keep saying it over and over until I’m a nervous wreck.  Perhaps I have a touch of schizophrenia? Doubt it.  I think this is just the way my HIGHLY creative mind works.  

I have a Twitter account, although I don’t know why.  The experts tell you not to use Twitter to jam news of your books down people’s throats but I’ll be pooped if most of the authors I follow aren’t on the daily telling you this or that about their latest book, with the subtle “BUY IT NOW” vibe floating around in the back ground.   I tweet to send hidden messages to an ex-boyfriend as a way to NOT contact him directly.  My version of methadone as I come down from my addiction to him.

I have a Goodreads account.  Aside from keeping other’s abreast of the books I’m reading / have read / want to read, I’m not quite sure how Goodreads is supposed to help me sell books.  @_@

And then there’s Facebook to which I’m addicted.  I use it mostly to keep in touch with a huge section of the family tree. These are cousins I know of but didn’t spend much time with.  It’s been great getting into their FB lives.  I’ve discovered there are a LOT of creatives in my family.  Most of the women are highly artistic in some way shape or form.  Facebook also serves as an outlet for the voices in my head.  They enjoy the immediacy of the status posting and the responses.

So, I guess what I wanted to say with this post is this – I’m a writer and I want you to buy my books, read them and enjoy.  I want you to write honest reviews, post thought-provoking comments, but don’t expect me to come at this using any “tried and true” marketing plan; no step(ford) by step, sure-fire way to get folks reading.  I’ve been off the beaten path my entire life.  It’s only when I try to do what the experts tell me is “right” that things fall apart.   :-).

Care to join me? DanaMylesParchutingWinter1999a

6 thoughts on “Bass Ackwards, the remix

  1. My experience & from that of other authors, has been that if you over-post, trying to shove your works too much, you get blocked, dropped or ignored. A platform is a comfort but not a solution or a sure fire marketing tool – but better to have a consistent, subtle one that builds on its own than none at all –

  2. I have read the same advice and have followed the same route and now I believe as you do. Just write and let a few people know about it and twitter and good reads are —well— eh!
    A good writer, better yet good author, will be discovered sooner or later. Probably right after he/she leaves this earth.

  3. I love Facebook, too! And I really believe that authenticity rules regarding social media. We need to be ourselves and write book after book, doing whatever we can (that feels natural or comfy) to promote.

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