Ana’s favorite way to wake up in the morning.

cup_coffee_cream_heart_2I’m lying in the same position in which you left me, trying to catch the breath you so enthusiastically forced from my body.  The perspiration is cooling in a chilling line down the center of my chest and back.  My fingers and toes tingle as the blood returns from its job of plumping essential parts of my body.  I hear you come into the room, fresh from a shower.  I would love to roll over onto my side and watch you walk toward the bed, but my legs and arms aren’t taking any orders yet.  Instead, they choose to languish in their random positions, my legs especially grateful to be back in a more prone position versus the many angles you held them as you tried to reach.  That.  One.  Good.  Spot.

I do manage to turn my head though and watch you through mussed hair as it blankets my face.  You slip into bed, making yourself comfortable on your side, facing me.  You’re wearing that satisfied smile you get when you know you have rendered me useless for the next couple of hours.  I love that smile and return it as best I can with most of my face still pressed into the mattress and sheets.  This makes you chuckle.  I love that chuckle, too.

You stroke my arms and back with your fingertips.  I shiver at the contact and smile even wider.  We both know you could take me again if you wanted and I’d be powerless to stop you.  The anticipation of wondering whether or not your next touch will roll me into a mounting position excites me.  Our juices still mingle, there is moisture enough for another round, easy.

Remembering how we enjoyed each other just moments before brings an aftershock – a mild clenching of internal muscles in an orgasmic spasm.  The aftershocks are nothing compared to the out-of-this world climaxes you propelled me through.  My back arched to rival any gymnast after her most, perfect dismount.

I love mornings like this.  The clock shows there’s still four hours before you have to get ready for work and over seven hours before I have to be up and at the computer.  Are you thinking what I hope you’re thinking?  I smile even wider and close my eyes.  This is so much better than any kind of  morning coffee.

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