Quick Commercial Break

Registration is now open.  If you’re looking to start and finish your first novel, or want a practice run for your upcoming NaNoWriMo, one or both of these workshops is just right for you!


What a Novel Idea!
Calling all writers whether you blog, write ad copy, freelance articles, or are looking to write the next great American novel, here’s a great way to discover and develop new ideas on a consistent basis. We’ll turn something as easy to find as song lyrics into a 1000-1500 word piece of writing suitable for publication. So bring your imaginations, music play lists, pen and paper and let’s find your next, best, big idea.
COURSE #: F13283 FEE: $ 79
Instructor: Dana Ellington Myles Location: Marietta High School
7-8 pm (Sep 17-Oct 29) (7 Tue) 18+

You’ve Been Drafted
We started off with the workshop, “What a Novel Idea” in which you generated a whopping 1000 to 1500 words for a novel that left you wondering, “Now what?” Well, I’m glad you asked. Because what comes next is seven weeks of furious writing to get a 50k draft done. Yes, that’s fifty thousand words of a first draft. Borrowing form my experience with the National Novel Writing Month (www.NaNoWriMo.org) writing challenge that happens each November, I’m going to teach you tricks and techniques to establish good, consistent writing habits that will silence your inner critic long enough to get the bones of your novel down on paper.
COURSE #: F13284 FEE: $ 79
Instructor: Dana Myles Location: Marietta High School
7-8 p.m. (Sep 19-Oct 31) (7 Thur)

Click here to go to the home page for the Marietta Community School.  Sign up and I’ll see you in September! 🙂

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