Look Ma, My Name Is In Lights!

I’m reading The Conductor: Exodus right now and I think you should too. So be sure to check out the Sci-Fi / Fantasy Kindle Book Event, July 13 – 14th and pick up your copy of The Conductor: Exodus by S.R. Torris.

Air Of Torris

Well Not Exactly Lightbulb Lights…

Folks, I will be taking part in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Kindle Book Event on July 13th thru 14th hosted by the one and only Tim Flanagan!

My book “The Conductor: EXODUS” will be available for the bargain price of 99cents or 75p, for my folks ‘cross the pond.

Youse guys visit and we ALL sell a few more books, which is always a beautiful thing! Plus, my name is on the poster!!

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