It’s about making room for my Muse to do His thing…

Part of healing involves getting passed your past. I didn’t do a Father’s Day post because my dad was a ghost of sorts.  My ex-husband, while a large part of my daughter’s life

The Satin Sheet Diva Writes Again
The Satin Sheet Diva Writes Again

now wasn’t exactly present while we were married.  I didn’t have strong, father figures in my childhood, so no tributes on my blog.  I know some WONDERFUL fathers today though and I’ve paid my tribute to them in other forums.

No, today’s blog post could be considered Post Two in my Desire Map process and what it’s doing to help foster my writing. I hope you enjoy it.  And seriously, to the dads who browse through my blog – seriously, I send you a sincere Thank You for being an active participant in your child(ren)’s life.

Now, click the link above or use the one in the picture – whichever floats your boat.  And as always, thanks for reading :-).

2 thoughts on “It’s about making room for my Muse to do His thing…

  1. I did a major purge of sentimental objects and was so happy once it was done – after the first few it became easier to rid myself of them & the memories too. The rule is if something comes in, something has to go out – it works & keeps my brain load lighter.

    1. This is the first time it crossed my mind to do such a major cleanse. I’ve done small ones here and there as I’ve moved households, but this is going to be on a GRAND scale :-). I’m sure I will blog about it after 😉

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