The Day She Sold Gunshot Glitter On Her Birthday

And another (book) baby is born! Congratulations to Ms. Yasmin :-).

Hello you...the blog of Yasmin Selena


Hello you,

The behemoth is in print! The  behemoth is in print! And you can now buy it. The behemoth in case you’re wondering  is my nickname for the print edition of Gunshot Glitter, all 428 beautiful pages of it.

And it’s not just in print. It can also be bought as an eBook from Amazon AND as of today from Koboand Smashwords too. Pricing is pretty uniform at £3.99/$6.99 and you get a LOT of book for that!

Gunshot Glitter is a novel that turns the crime genre on its head.  I am intensely proud of it. Don’t take my word for it, of course I’ll say nice things about it, read the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Smashwords are currently clearing Gunshot Glitter for the Premium catalogue as I type – which means it will also be available on Barnes & Noble in the USA…

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