Juggling is so NOT my strong suit

Picture each one of the following items as a ball, or in some cases, a really sharp object with the potential to slice me wide open should I mishandle it and you’ll have a general idea of what I’m “juggling” right now.


  • No transportation – alternator on truck dead; repair needed ASAP ($)
  • Moving households – items scattered to four winds between storage unit and two houses 45 minutes apart.  Trying to do it all in one day means bodies, truck ($$), gas ($$$), and time; final expenses at previous address ($); new expenses at new address ($$)
  • Business – need to get info and first payment to web designer ($); file necessary paperwork with state ($$$); get a PO Box ($); talk first assignment with photographer; get book trailers done. Then there’s marketing, conferences, etc. ($$$)
  • Regular “job” – usual stressors; really just day-to-day squelching of the desire to walk away and never come back.  I REALLY would rather be writing, but for now, this is the sole source of steady, reliable income.
  • Parenting – starting to ease up quite a bit as my one and only off spring is well on her way to becoming an independent adult; there’s still the fact that she doesn’t drive yet, so toss in driving lessons ($$), adding her to the car insurance ($) and possibly the addition of a second vehicle ($$$$ – have to add maintenance and gas that she’ll be covering as soon as she gets a job)
  • Friend – I’ve been sucking at this lately as my life seems to be so much about me (see the above list).  I want to spend more time with the people who matter; at least a regular phone call and visit.  There are quite a few people in my life that mean a great deal to me but I haven’t been showing them that in quite a while.
  • DEBT – OMG, really thought I had a handle on this at the end of last year then wham, $4000 tuition bill (see the afore-mentioned parenting line) ate up my debt money leaving me even further behind.  As the credit takes another nose dive, leaning on the writing to start paying off in larger amounts.


You’ll notice a common thread here – money.  Or lack thereof.  I need the business to start making money so I can affectively handle everything else, but then everything else demands money up front taking away from my ability to fully invest in the business.  I have kept things from completely hitting the ground but my arms are getting really tired.


The calming part of this whole deal is my writing.  As the rest of the madness swirls above, coming back to:

  • three works in progress,
  • the blog,
  • entries into my prayer journal (a very important part of my writing life),
  • organizing of a fundraising campaign so I can do a really nice book / business launch, and
  • developing writing workshops I’m going to offer to youth programs hopefully this fall (will be running fundraising campaigns for those as well so the kids won’t have to pay and at the end I can offer cool stuff like iPads or print copies of their work),

leaves me feeling somewhat tranquil at the end of each day.  I’m not sure why but I’ll take it.   Wouldn’t trade this life for anything, so guess I’ll be tossing in some juggling lessons.  Looks as if I’m going to be at this for a while.

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