Interview with Dana Ellington Myles

Ellie is on the best blog interviewers I’ve seen. Anyone who can turn my answers into something this entertaining is a genius :-). I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.


After a two-week hiatus from my Wonderful Women Writer series, I’m back at it.  Ridiculous deadlines and holidays can throw a wrench in the best laid plans.  OH well, moving forward!

Have you ever met someone, or even cyber met someone who you instantly seemed to bond with?  Someone with a kindred spirit?  You can so relate to them because they think like you.   Great minds think alike,  twisted minds laugh together sort of thing.  I love reading her blog, and often feel compelled to leave comments; not that what I have to say is so important but I’m in strong agreement with what she said.

I personally think that we must have been twins separated at birth or something.  They kept her and sold me to the gypsies then lied to my “parent’s” about my age.  (There’s just no way I can be this ‘mature’!) I would defend that statement but I…

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