Going for the brass ring

I was sleepy about an hour ago.  My eye lids were drooping and I was snuggled in my nest, wrapped in my jammies, all ready to call it a night. But then it happened.  A good movie, a good friend on the phone, and my earlier excitement seeped in just enough to kick the Z-monster in the arse.

I have been on a roll as of late.  So many positive things, prayers answered, blessings delivered and recognized as such.  I am so grateful for so many things.  But all that aside, my third book is due from the printer next Tuesday.  The first four books right off the top are going to four of my living (s)heroes.  Not for publicity, or hope of monetary gain, but for the sheer ballsiness that only a writer can have.  I’m sending them to say thank you to these women who directly and indirectly gave me my voice, my love of the written and spoken word.  You might be surprised to know, they also kept me from killing myself, infused me with strength and a survival instinct that fortified me in some rather dark times.  All but one is very famous and I have my doubts that the book will actually ever make it into their actual hands.  But I have recently become a believer of all things being positively possible.

I have visions.  I see each of these women reading my words and understanding the power they’ve bestowed.  I see them reading my book, nodding appreciatively as they relate to my main character’s struggles and triumphs.  I picture them enjoying a good story as I have written it.  Whatever happens after that, whatever action they chose, IF they chose, will be icing on a cake I am already enjoying with tremendous satisfaction.

So, seeing this vision has me a touch on the giddy side.  I should be sleeping, dreaming of the life I’m building (living), but instead, I had to write.  I had to get the words out of my head.  I had to stop by this blog and tell you, dear reader(s), that I appreciate you being on this journey with me.  You may want to buckle up, we’re just about ready for take off.  😉

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