Last minute travel

It’s that Bass Ackwards / Leap of Faith thing at work again.  I haven’t thought much about this since the last post, but just this morning, I decided I’m going to take my “virtual” leave of absence to London, England after all.  As you read the coming month’s posts, I want you to suspend reality along with me.  Forget as best you can, that I’m really going about my day-to-day routine, on the “New World” side of the Atlantic ocean.  I’ll try to include as many real-time facts as I can to help make the pretending a little easier.  I won’t post every day, as I plan on being busy site seeing, getting to know the locals, and enjoying every minute of my virtual holiday.  Not to mention, these posts will be the teaser.  If you want to read the details, you’ll have to buy the book.  (I’m a writer, what did you expect?)

I hope you’ll join me as I gladly fall down the rabbit hole in my imagination.  Destination, London, in the year of our transformation, 2012.  You might want to hang on to my arm, this first step is always a doozie.

4 thoughts on “Last minute travel

      1. Belgium is a good place. I got caught up in a small football squabble at 2 AM during the 2006 World Cup when I was there.

  1. Okay, I started reading your last blog (June 3), totally believed you were in London, and began going backwards to figure out how on earth you wound up in London so quickly. I was extremely envious! Congratulations on the realism; I was right there with you! 😉

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