And so it ends.

My Seven Things in Seven Days challenge that is.  It’s been interesting to say the least.  I realize how much of my outlook is influenced by the things I give power to through my words and how much of my life was spent on autopilot.  It’s amazing the things you notice about yourself when you live consciously.

Slight jump in logic but bear with me.  You’ve heard people on diets talk almost constantly about the foods they’re NOT supposed to eat, or the things they have CUT from their menus, etc.  The focus is on the the things they CAN NOT have.  In other words, they give power to their cravings which if I’m understanding the point of dieting, is counterproductive.  My seven days was much like that.  By working so hard NOT to think about those seven things, I inadvertently gave two of them even more attention and power.  It was counterproductive to say the least.

So, lesson learned.  And that’s the whole point to this exercise.  Learning new things to the betterment of my existence.  I learned something else about myself during the seven days, I’m Batman.  But that’s for another post.

4 thoughts on “And so it ends.

  1. I’m dieting myself. I lost five pounds last week! But, this weekend, social outings and eating out with people and stuff made me gain almost 2 of it back. I was feeling down, but I’m trying to implement this.

    1. Keep going and remember your weight will go up and down almost by the hour it seems. Our bodies are weird like that. Focus on the lost three pounds and know that you will lose more. Weigh yourself just once a week under as similar circumstances each time. And again, focus on the lost pounds. That’s where your energy will do the best good I think. :-).

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