How Crazy is This?

30 Days in London

So, the dream was to have packed it all in, having made enough money to leave the states behind for a thirty-day “vacation” in London, UK.  I was going to find a quaint little flat just outside the city proper (to help cut down on cost) and then spend my time going to night clubs, eating fish & chips in rowdy, but trendy pubs; shopping and taking in as much of the British culture as I could stand at the various museums and historical sites.

I dreamt I’d be at a hot spot my first night or so there and I’d meet Mr. Wonderful – six feet, three inches tall, heavy accent.  He could have been of any European, Caribbean, or African (or mixture thereof) decent.  He was going to be both charming and a bit of a rogue.  He’d of course develop a deep attraction to me and I to him.  We’d spend 28 of my 30 days there in each other’s company.  I’d meet his friends and of course, we’d all get along famously.  I’d attend my first ever professional football (soccer of course) match much to the jealousy of the few soccer fans I know here in the states.  At the end of my stay, I’d come home and cherish the memory of him and my time there forever.

Yeah, well reality is a boat load of debt that I was going to pay off but instead had to pay $4,000 of my daughter’s tuition; it’s breaks on my truck; rent, food, utilities, etc.  And of course, the slow crawl up the ladder to becoming a consistently, decent earning professional writer.  I have a job, but not the financial skills to figure out how to stretch my paycheck so that it covers my dream and reality.

But I got to thinking, there must be some way to spend 30 days in London, if only in my mind.  I’m a writer for goodness sakes.  I CREATE whole worlds; I have one of the most active imaginations on the planet.  If anyone can come up with a way to do this, surely I can.  So I got to thinking about it and this is what I came up with.   I can spend the entire month of June surrounding myself as best I can in all things British, thereby taking a virtual adventure abroad!

I figured out that for food, I could tap into the wonder of the internet and find restaurants in the area that serve British favorites such as bangers and mash, chips and egg, and the ever popular (beer battered cod) fish and chips, complete with malt vinegar of course.  I can sip British spirits and attempt to resurrect my long (and I do mean long) lost British accent, while chattin’ up whoever happens to be within ear shot.  I may even learn a couple of British pub songs just in case.

Next up, entertainment.  That’s pretty easy, as BBC America on cable provides a host of popular British shows.  And because going to clubs factored so largely into my dream trip, I will look up what music is hot in the British club scene and seek it out here.  If there’s a Brit band or DJ anywhere in this city during the month, I will do my best to seek them out and enjoy them to the fullest.

I’ll take virtual tours of all the places I wanted to visit, being sure to read up on the history and what not.  Hey…I can even make a virtual scrap-book of sorts.  Ohhh, even better, I can Photoshop myself into pictures so it’ll be almost as if I was really there.  I may even share my “adventure” on the blog – we’re talking the epitome of creative writing, eh?  LOL.

Okay, does this sound incredibly delusional?  OR, is this just one of many creative ways I’m finding to enjoy as much of my life as my resources will allow at this time?

I’ve got exactly two weeks to make a decision, as June 1st would have been the day I took off across the pond.  Decisions, decisions.  OMG! I just thought of the first blog post – Packing for 30 Days Abroad or A Broad Packing for 30 Days (of Crazy….lol).  Have to admit even though I’m not going for real, the idea of the virtual trip is sort of exciting.  Hmmmmm.

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