Seven Things in Seven Days (Reminiscent of the Positivity Challenge)


This is another one of those posts where I’m not talking about writing specifically, so feel free to skip it :-).

(Ahem…carry on.)

“Stop talking about it for one week and notice what happens.”  (Danielle LaPorte)

I spent some time thinking about that quote yesterday during my It’s Mother’s Day and I’m not getting out of this bed for any reason short of someone else’s death,  Retreat.  I thought about how I wake up almost every morning with anxiety over the same things; constantly worrying about crap that isn’t happening.  I whine to friends and I write in my journal about the poop going on.  There are some pages of things that are going right (write) in my life, but those are few and far between sadly enough.  I guess I learned to give energy to the not so positive, what ifs and such, in my life. It’s no wonder they keep manifesting over and over.

If you remember, the Positivity Challenge a month or so back shifted my focus for thirty days and for an unaccounted time after, I found myself focused on the benefits to being me.  Well, I don’t know when it happened, but the effects have certainly waned and it’s time for another brain training session.

Don’t know why the number seven features so prominently in my mind.  It’s not my “magic” or “lucky” number; nothing good seems to have come to me in sevens…it just seemed to work for this idea.  So, for the next seven days (time starts as soon as this post is posted), I’m not going to speak or write about:

  1. Unpaid debt
  2. Credit rating
  3. Exes (WHY)
  4. Truck repairs
  5. Amount of money in the accounts (or lack thereof)
  6. Should be doing, wish to be doing
  7. Anxiety, stress, worry

I’m replacing those with these:

  1. Anticipated income from writing
  2. Books in print and soon to be released
  3. The reopening of the Dragon’s Lair
  4. Doing or Done
  5. Feeling good
  6. Gratitude
  7. Acceptance

Granted, this is just seven days, but if at the end of it I see or rather think the difference, then it’ll be worth another seven-day trial as I know I can come up with seven more not so positives to replace.  Like the Positivity Challenge, you are more than welcome to join me.  Come back often and post your comments below, let me know how it worked out for you.  🙂

3 thoughts on “Seven Things in Seven Days (Reminiscent of the Positivity Challenge)

    1. Thanks! It’s just been two days…a most difficult two days I might add. lol. But please, whenever you take the plunge, please stop back by and let me know how it turns out for you.

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