Writing to figure it out

I’ve been wanting to post something today.  A section of the current WIP, a badly written poem, hell…a status update.  Something.  Anything to let you know I’m writing, feeling…but alas.  This is the best I can come up with.  A couple of lines, maybe a paragraph (as I’m writing this on the fly).

You know I’m going through some things, and you know I’m writing furiously on the new book.  You know that I have my third book coming out in a couple of weeks and if you didn’t know, I’m starting a publishing company (surprise!).  I’m neck-deep in debt, eye-ball deep in self-doubt, and in over my head with my personal growth  and healing.  I’ve tried to leave you out of it for the most part, after all, you and I are still establishing a relationship of sorts.  Writer to reader, you are along for the entertainment, not to slog through my personal crap.  But alas dear reader(s), with this writer, it’s all personal.  From the erotic short pieces in Satin Sheet Memoirs, Volume 1 (2008), the divorce and relationship drama in Let There Be Life (2010), and soon the self-discovery of Hello Diva…all of it are snapshots of my personal life.  Fictionalized of course, but bits of me none-the-less.

Why am I sharing so much?  It’s what I do.  I want you to know me, what I’ve been through because it’s my life that makes my stories and it’s my stories that then make my life.  Cyclical, to infinity.  To read me is to know me.  And to know me, is to understand that while every life is full of ups and downs, I am living proof that you can turn even the ugliest of situations into works of art.  I don’t proclaim to be Pulitzer prize worthy, I’m no literary genius.  But I AM A WRITER, and the reviews so far are favorable.  You will like what you read, I guarantee it.

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