Bass Ackwards

I rarely do things the way I’m “supposed” to.  Take this writing thing for instance.  I’ve read a ton of “how-tos”, “what to dos”, “what not to dos” and assorted other rules I’m supposed to write by.  If I take all that to heart, then I might be convinced that what I write isn’t worth being read.  I mean, I don’t do long drawn out character sheets.  I don’t out line my stories, plots, etc. before I sit down to write.  I don’t adhere to a strict writing schedule – I don’t even do that much (if any) research.

And don’t get me started on all the “right” ways to go about getting published.  Even self-publishing has a long list of “do it this way or die” rules.   None of which I knew before I self-published, without shelling out some astronomical amount of money.

Dude, did I mention all the marketing faux-pas I’ve made?  Yet I still sold out of each run of books I’ve printed so far.  Granted, the print runs are super small in comparison to anyone else, but I have certain limitations right now.  Either way, I apparently shouldn’t have sold the number of books I did because of the way I went about it was a touch outside the lines, so to speak.

So, here I am, about to launch a business.  I’m not overly concerned about how to go about it.  I’m doing it the same way I became a published author.  I’m looking up the information I think I need on the internet; I’m doing what I can with the resources I have and asking for help as I need to.  I’m not going to class, I’m not attending workshops, I’m not even taking days off from my day job.  Does that mean this venture is destined to fail?  Some how, as I get ready to release my third book (8 copies of which are already sold, with word of mouth building anticipation) and pick up another print run of my previous two books (several of which are already sold), I’m thinking I’ve got a pretty decent shot at owning and operating a fairly successful business.

I guess time will tell, eh?

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