April Fools Day

No jokes, no pranks, but I am going to do something I have here-to-fore thought a very foolish thing for me to do.  You know I’ve been on this “kick” here recently; in fact, you can say my blogging has been hijacked by my divinity and she has prompted me to post about things I would normally have left to the pages of my private journal.  But she’s feeling the need for me to grow verbally was well as with my writing.  Go figure.

To that end, I’m back to the foolish thing(s) I’m going to do tomorrow.  I won’t give you the details.  A woman has to have some secrets.  I will tell you that it involves stating, out loud, my intentions, feelings, emotions and other crap I used to think just wasn’t worth the air it took to say them.  My belief that sharing feelings and such won’t change anything still stands.  What I’m going to do tomorrow won’t make a bit of difference in how people treat me, view me, perceive me, accept me, etc.  But then again, I’m not out to change anyone with my spoken word.  It’s my written word that will move minds.  I have no doubt about that.

But in the meantime, this is a new adventure, a new experience.  One that will help in the growth and development of my confidence (who still needs a name by the way).  I have learned to trust my divinity to a larger extent than ever before.  This is the path she’s leading me down, then this is the path I will travel.

Once tomorrow’s “foolishness” is over, I will return to my regularly scheduled rise to writing stability.  Query letters will flow from my computer, work will continue on the drafting of TWO manuscripts, with the title and a few lines floating around for a third.  And a different type of foolishness will reign supreme.

Last thing, I do this on my personal FB posts.  I would like to add it here.  I love you.  Thank you, and good night.

4 thoughts on “April Fools Day

  1. These brief deviations from the norm keep us grounded. If nothing else I think it helps us to get outside of our own little created box even for just a bit to experience the bigger world around us. Of course sometimes it just makes me want to retreat back to the box!

    1. LOL. It’s that retreating I’m growing away from. I’m finding that each of these experiences I’ve blogged about send me back to my writing – I came up with two great ideas for plot twists from just yesterday’s verbal exercise. And a new sense of determination to getting the writing sold.

  2. I have to agree, it’s always nice to open your eyes (mind) and see a different side. The various journeys your writing takes us on is a fun filled trip. Look forward to see where our next journey is.

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