The saga continues

This next section comes courtesy of a country song I was listening to on the way home today.  Not sure of the title, but the line that struck me went something like this, “If you find yourself going through hell, don’t be scared, you might just make it through before the devil knows you’re there.”  For whatever reason, what popped into my head for my WordPress work in progress… (written here off the top of my head – didn’t want to go the Word first route).


Oh the courtship.  He vowed he wasn’t going to do anything different.  He wasn’t going to court her, he wasn’t going to go out of his way at all.  She was going to take what he gave her without complaint, demand, or contradiction because to do so would show her hand and I knew she would rather die first.  So, it started out tentatively.  More or less, “if you’re not doing anything, meet me…”  If she was free, or he was un-booked, then they were together.  But always in groups.  Alone together, was not a concept either of them wanted to entertain.

Now, how did that relate to the song?  The picture of my two main characters stuck in the private hell that their refusal to be vulnerable in love has created for them, came to me clear as day.  The chunk above is the beginnings of the section that describes them dating through their private hells.  The line, “be gone before the devil knows you’re there” got me to thinking about my life now – I’m fighting to acquire and practice the skills I need in order to make the next one (IF there is to be) THE ONE.  :-).  Funny huh.

As I said, my life as rough draft.

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