Preamble to my official return.

I am a very sensual person in that the slightest sensations can arouse me.  Yes, I know, this is quite possibly TMI, but bear with me.  I talk freely about all things sexual because I have such a sexual / sensual nature.  Hence, what I write.  Almost all of my writing stems from a sexual fantasy or another.  Either mine, or one someone tells me about.

I’ve noticed that I attract men sexually.  They don’t want to date me, they want to go straight to the naked phase.  I used to think there was something wrong with me.  But I’ve been having these insightful discussions with a good friend of mine and I think she nailed it – it’s one of my personalities.  Ana to be exact.  Her twin, Onyx contributes because she’s the adventurous one – combine that with her twin’s overt sexual nature, and you have me giving off pheromones that OBVIOUSLY overwhelm some men.   Tell them I’m an erotica and romance writer and BAM – they are emboldened to skip the pleasantries and ask me for the goods.

I am interested to see how things progress as I go big with my writing this year.   From beginning an internet television or ad campaign (NO, not porn),  to doing readings at events.  I’m about to meet and network like a madwoman.  Maybe I’ll keep a running diary, lol…

Anyway, this is it.  My last day of  “vacation”.  The calendar for January is full of just the right mix of planned and unplanned time.  I have two new writing projects to start, a third one to wrap up and send to print; a business to get up and running for real…and then there’s my LIFE to live.  It’s going to be an eventful year.  Won’t you join me?

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