A Year of Living Dangerously

2012 will be a momentous year. It marks my 45th trip around the sun, and if the Aztecs got it right, in December the planet is calling it a day, dragging every living thing with it into the abyss.  Either reason is a valid excuse to party like a rock star  and to a large extent, that is what I plan to do.

Let’s say the Aztecs goofed, got their dates mixed up and I end up seeing January 1st, 2013?  I do not want to have let yet ANOTHER year go by leaving me in the same ruts I’ve been in thus far.  So either way it goes, 2012 is my Year of Living Dangerously.

Not to steal from a fellow artist whom I follow via Facebook and Twitter (check her out at www.dangerouslee.biz), but instead, borrowing the title from that movie a few years back.  My life won’t be nearly as exciting as “navigating the political turmoil in Indonesia” but I hope to make a decent run at it.  I won’t be relaxing my morals, won’t be getting into anything illegal.  I will however be adding a tattoo (finally know what design I want), two new skills (torn between pole dancing, indoor rock climbing, a new language, and riding a motorcycle), an inch or so of muscle (as in weight lifting….again), and some kick-ass leather to my wardrobe.  I’m going to become a cash and carry consumer with less than $1,000 of debt, a six-figure earning Diva in control of a growing brand that show cases my passion – no, not THAT passion.  I’m also going to have the third book in print, be a featured author at least two major events; I’m going to travel and experience life as I’ve never known it.  I’m going to face fears (except spiders…that phobia is going with me to my grave), speak my mind, have fun, etc.

Which brings me to the actual writing portion of this writer’s blog.  I’m going to document my trials and tribulations here in the Satin Sheet Diva blog.  I think this could make a really cool movie or manuscript when I’m done.  Again, providing the Aztecs were off a few hundred years you could be enjoying the polished version either as a great summer read in 2013, or on the big screen in true to life 3D :-).  Either way it goes, if the planet is still circling the sun with humans aboard, come 2013, I’m publishing this as my version of Eat, Pray, Love.

The journey begins January 3rd.  I do hope you’ll decide to come along with me as I make the absolute most of 2012.

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